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We specialise in creating custom mobile (iOS and Android), desktop applications and services for your business.

Not sure how a mobile app, desktop application or web service can help your business? 

RBVEA can assist you in creating and planning how a custom software solution can change your business, whether you need a solution for users or to use internally.

Not sure how your mobile, desktop or service should look and function? 

Contact us now for a design prototype based on your requirements.

Know what you want? 

We can build it.

Looking for a ready-to-go solution?

Checkout Snapps our ready to go apps-as-a-service solution.

Snapps allows you to use a web based administration panel to build and maintain your own app using one or many of our modules!

Perfect for small to medium sized businesses that are looking to engage their customers for a small monthly fee.

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Snapps is a native app platform for your business. Snapps allows you to create and manage your content and send push notifications at the push of a button. Snapps is still under development and is coming soon! If you are interested in finding out more or registering your intrest in Snapps, please go to snapps.co


Invoicing System

RBVEA has created its own automated invoicing system. This system is available as a ‘White Label’ service, please contact us for a quote. The invoicing system allows for customisation of invoice details via each user’s “Profile”:   The system has the ability to view invoices by Financial Year, Quarter or Month: (0000 – 1111 is



1Pitch is a custom built tool for Presence of IT. 1Pitch is designed to list all products and services that Presence of IT (PoIT) sells. This app is distributed as an enterprise application and is not on the App Store. 1Pitch Supports viewing “Pitches” in different categories: 1Pitch also supports sending a pitch to a

IOS & Android

Brookfield Show

The BrookfieldShow is an iOS and Android application for the yearly Brookfield Show event in 2016 & 2017.

IOS & Android


XNET for iOS and Android allows XSTRA Customers to add funds to their wallet, pay invoices and view any messages relating to their Internet Service provided by XSTRA.



Sketchbook is a simple app that allows users to import photos and draw over the top or to just sketch an idea they have using a variety of tools.



Scanerate can generate and scan QR codes all on the one screen.  Scanerate supports creating QR codes that represent Wifi networks and when scanned can add the wifi network and connect right away.



myInfo was one of the first Third-Party Keyboards released, myInfo allowed users to input their name, email, phone number and address then quickly fill their details into other apps and webpages.

IOS & Android


MoreNews is an RSS Reader for iOS that supports caching news stories and the web page associated with the story. This allows for full offline reading of news.

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