Lachlan Grant

Software Developer

About Me

Robotics, Mobile App Development – over 8 years experience, C/++/#, Dart and JavaScript. 3x WorldChampionship wins at International Robotics Competitions, representing Australia as part of LJ STAND robotics team.


2018 - Present

Software Developer - RBVEA

RBVEA is a consultant software development company that has also developed its own products.  RBVEA currently has multiple companies we’re consulting to and has sold applications developed for sale on the App Store. 

I primarily work on iOS, Flutter, Node JS and React projects, most notably Snapps.

2019 - Present

iOS Developer @ Communic8

Developing and maintaining Communic8 (and C8Pulse) for iOS & Android.

2017 - 2019

iOS Developer @ Presence of IT

Developed 1Pitch, a custom sales tool for use within Presence of IT and as a “White Label” product for Presence of IT to sell. More on 1Pitch can be found here.

2016 - 2018


Robotics Team @ Brisbane Boys’ College

More Information regarding LJ STAND can be found here.


1st @ Brisbane Regionals
4th @ Queensland State Competition
1st @ Australian National Competition


1st @ Brisbane Regionals
1st @ Queensland State Competition
1st @ Australian National Competition
1st (SuperTeam) & 3rd (Individual) @ RoboCup Junior World Championships in Nagoya, Japan.

Captain of Robotics at Brisbane Boys’ College, 2017.


World Champion SuperTeam & World Champion Individual Team @ RoboCup Junior World Championships in Montréal, Canada.


2007 - 2017

Year 2-12 @ Brisbane Boys' College

Robotics Captain in 2017 (Final Year)​

2018 - Present

Bachelor of Computer Science at Queensland University of Technology

  • GPA of 6.0 in Semester 1 2018
  • GPA of 6.75 in Semester 2 2018
  • GPA of 7.0 in Semester 1 2019
  • GPA of 7.0 in Semester 2 2019


Developed many mobile applications using Flutter, a few notable, production apps:

  • Snapps
  • Communic8/C8Pulse
  • XNET

Developed 1Pitch for iOS and a prototype Mac app from a cross platform framework written in Objective C.

Also developed ~15 mobile applications for personal publishing that are no longer maintained.

Developed Snapps server using Node JS, MongoDB, Passport (for Local & Google Auth). Snapps Server just under 100,000 lines of code, mostly Javascript but with some newer parts in Typescript.

As part of LJ STAND, I helped develop a collection of C based Libraries and Programs to allow each one of our robots to communicate between 4 microcontrollers, read over 60 sensors, perform basic image processing via an OpenMV camera and communicate to our other robot to co-ordinate strategy.

As LJ STAND we won 3 international competitions in the Junior Lightweight Division of Robocup.

All software projects have used Git to manage our source code and all production projects use gitflow.

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Joseph Waddington

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Diane Geter

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